Press Release: Fall Economic Update Shows Liberals Have No Plan

November 07, 2013  

Barrie - ”After years of reckless overspending, the Liberals have missed another opportunity to put forward a plan that would put Ontario on the right track,” PC MPP Jackson said today.

Jackson’s comments come today as the Liberals tabled Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement. The Statement calls for more reckless spending with no plan to deliver hope to the people of Ontario.
The Statement also shows how Kathleen Wynne and her NDP partners have saddled Ontario with the largest debt in this province’s history. Worse, it showed that the Liberals have no plan for jobs and no understanding of the challenges facing Ontario.
“Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal called out Ontario for having a higher debt than California,” said Jackson. “So how does Kathleen Wynne respond? By announcing her intention to spend more taxpayer money. Enough is enough.”
“The people of this province deserve a government that can manage its own finances, put jobs first and welcome businesses that will create opportunities for our young people.”
“It’s time to set Ontario up for success by changing the team that leads this province.”