Press Release: MPP Rod Jackson Makes Announcement at Trades Expo

October 23, 2013  

Barrie – Today at the Train in Trades Expo at the Molson Centre, Barrie MPP Rod Jackson made a special announcement to local manufacturers and the greater trades industry. Please see below.

MPP Rod Jackson Announcement:

Manufacturing is an industry in trouble in Ontario. We need to make a concerted effort to rebuild the sector at the grass roots level by engaging local manufacturers and policy makers. We need to reverse the downward trend where 300,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in our province and re-invigorate the industry by cutting red tape and ensuring businesses can do what they do best – create jobs.

This is why I am announcing today that MP Patrick Brown and I, in partnership with BDO, will host a manufacturers summit in late February to determine the specific challenges faced by local manufacturers with the aim at starting to mobilize and rebuild the sector.

We are pleased to partner with BDO who has a strong tradition of supporting manufacturing through their national practice of 3000 manufacturers.

We will bring in Federal Ministers and industry leaders to open the dialogue and start to create a real plan that doesn’t see any more jobs lost especially in our community.

Please take a moment to complete the short questionnaire in front of you to help us frame the summit according to the subjects most pertinent to your business.

Further details will follow as the date approaches, but I urge you to come together in be part a greater change for Barrie.

You have my commitment to lobby the government for the change that this industry needs to be prosperous once again.