Press Release: Jackson Questions Premier on Deleted Emails Scandal

“I didn’t know is literally becoming a cliché coined by the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals. There are only a few explanations for this not knowing. Ignorance, incompetence or moral bankruptcy. Which is it Premier?”

–MPP Rod Jackson, Deputy Accountability Critic
June 10, 2013  


Queen’s Park - Today MPP Rod Jackson questioned Premier Wynne about the destruction of public data and attempts to dodge public scrutiny to avoid Freedom of Information requests regarding the gas plant cancellations.

“The Government has been under significant pressure to explain who instructed Liberal caucus and staffers to delete sensitive emails that are part of the public record and to hide correspondences in personal email accounts,” said Jackson.

In a report last week, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, concluded that records laws were in fact broken.

In response, the OPP’s elite anti-rackets squad has launched a probe into the latest scandal-within-a-scandal, the destruction of information on the public record.

“It seems that just about everyone’s ethics barometer is going off except for the Wynne-Horvath Government.”


Jackson Questions Premier Wynne On Deleted Emails
Jackson Questions Premier Wynne On Deleted Emails

“This is the first time ever that an Ontario government has been under police investigation for two separate scandals,” continued Jackson. ”The Liberals need to stop exhausting OPP resources with their incessant scandals.”


“Premier, you need to let Ontarians decide if the Liberals are too incompetent or too corrupt to lead,” concluded Jackson.